1. TWApril 9, 2016

    I love Carhartt shirts I marked “Fit as expected”, but that’s because this is my 8th Carhartt shirt. I will tell you these shirts are bigger than the majority of shirts I’ve bought. That’s why I love them. My genetics were not kind to me when it comes to fitting into clothes. I spend 9 months of the year in sleeveless shirts because I’m a big guy who can’t fit his shoulders or upper arms into regular shirts. Oh and throw in the neck too. My wife has laughed and jokes with the kids about buying shirts for me…

  2. AccioFireboltApril 9, 2016

    High quality and a loose fit I have found a new favorite brand! It’s so difficult to find clothes that fit when you’re big and tall (tall, dark and handsome if I do say so myself). I usually wear the same clothes every year until they wear out but now I have bought a new wardrobe, basically. I’ve spent $500 or so on Carhartt clothes in the past few months and I don’t regret it. I wish they would make sweat pants!These are very thick material, really nice design. I don’t mind the big logos like some people–I…

  3. Beth MohlerApril 9, 2016

    Best Tshirts 0

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