Rothco Rag Wool Watch Cap USA Made

100% Wool Ragg Material. Used for all cold weather occasions. Double layer. Made in the USA. Length: 10.5″. This stylish wool cap is perfect for extreme weather. Extra warm. One size fits most. Goes with most sweaters and jackets. Attractive color for men and women, Unisex. Grey Warm Outdoor Wool Ragg Watch Cap.

Product Features

  • Extremely warm and comfortable
  • Makes a great gift!


  1. K. SloweDecember 2, 2016

    Plain, but very practical I have used wool hats similar to this in the past, and I end up loosing them after a season or two. So I tried the nice looking beanie hats and while they work in milder weather, they are just not the same, especially when it gets frigid. They say one size fits most, but the beanies usually run small, barely cover my ears and my head isn’t that big.This wool hat on the other hand is comfortable, warm and fits well. It is long enough that I have to roll it up a bit which makes a nice seal…

  2. RYAN P GREENDecember 2, 2016

    Cap for watching…

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